Chris Segal Media


I create video and photo to express, share, and connect the world, others, and myself. Mindfully and beautifully produced, quality cinematography and photos in the outdoors is my focus. I edit with intent to share passions and create an emotive response.

I grew up outside of Philadelphia where I fell in love with photography and skiing. Following bigger mountains and snow I attended University of Vermont and graduated with a degree in  Film & Television Studies. Following even bigger mountains and more snow I moved to Crested Butte, Colorado and began an working with Matchstick Productions. This led me to begin working in the marketing department at Crested Butte Mountain Resort; creating photo and video content as well as building and managing the resort's social media brand. After six years in Colorado, I spent three in Utah as Snowbird's Marketing Content Manager.

Now based out of Tahoe with a loud great pyrenees, named Blizzard, I spend my free time with friends and family, on trails and in the backcountry; skiing, running, mountain biking, and anything that will get me out there, experiencing the world and nature, and feeling alive. 

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